FAQ - BIToz Coin

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a summary report that provides detailed information about the project, its originality and the benefits it can give to the investors and the users of the final product, technological features, team behind the project, project's background and future plans.

How I will buy my BIToz coin after bitcoin transfer?

After Login at https://www.bitozcoin.com, you need to deposit bitcoin by clicking on link “Deposit Fund”. After 2-3 hours of wait time, your balance will appear in “Buy BIToz Coin” link, from here you can buy BIToz coin unit.

Where would my BIToz coin store?

Right now BIToz coin store as a unit in https://www.bitozcoin.com website. After listing on exchange, we will transfer coins to block chain wallet. 

How I will get my referral payout payment?

You can earn 5% referral in the form of BIToz coin. 

I cannot login because my password is incorrect. What can I do?

If you have forgotten your password or password is incorrect, go through Forgot Password link to get your password.

Are there any geo restrictions?

At the moment, BIToz coin services will not be available for citizens of the United States of America due to local regulation. BIToz, as a block chain, does not have any other geo restrictions.

What are exchanges?

An exchange is a platform on which one cryptocurrency or token can be sold or bought for another cryptocurrency or token at current price. Some of exchanges allow buying or selling crypto currencies using fiat money (USD, EUR, RUB, etc.).

On which exchanges will BTZ be listed?

We are in talks with various exchanges and will update again.

When will BIToz coin be listed on exchanges?

It will be listed on exchange in the month of July. Exact date will be announced later.